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We have been serving the Dallas Fort Worth area with commercial waterproofing since 1997. Every time we step on the job site, we treat the project like it’s our own property. Allow us to show you the Alliance Way.

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Our Waterproofing Promise

Over the past 20 years, Alliance Waterproofing has developed and grown to be a leading Commercial Waterproofing Contractor serving the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Today, Alliance is still a family-owned business with John leading and his wife, his sons, and their families serving alongside him. Alliance’s heart is to truly serve each and every customer well just as they were serving God. What sets Alliance Waterproofing apart is the attention to detail, showing up on time, providing services at a fair price, and exceeding expectations. We will always leave any space we work on better than when we found it. We look forward to serving you and your business.


Commercial Waterproofing Service Area

Alliance Commercial Waterproofing provides expert interior & exterior waterproofing services all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. For over 25 years DFW has been our home and it is our honor to continue great service to great people.


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